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Ever been to an interesting and enjoyable wedding ceremony? Almost no one has.

Let Rev. Phil share your love story at your wedding — how you met, how you fell in love, how he proposed. Your guests will laugh and cry, saying it’s the best wedding ceremony they have ever been to.

After all, how many of your guests know your love story, in detail? Not many. You don’t have time to tell them at the reception — you have a lot more tables to go visit.

Rev. Phil will take 4 to 5 minutes — at the only time everyone is together and paying attention, your ceremony — to share your love story at your wedding. It will be funny (just watch the videos) and touching. He’s a master story teller.

“Our guests LOVED the ceremony, and we got tons of compliments from friends and family, and even our DJs! Many of our guests didn’t know our love story, and were in tears laughing during Rev. Phil’s presentation. Rev. Phil helped make our wedding a unique experience, not only for us, but also our guests.”

— Tina & Scott, Cantigny, Wheaton, 9/7/13
from a WeddingWire review

“He told the story of how we met as if he was there to witness the relationship begin. All of our guest enjoyed the ceremony and were all emotional with tears of joy!”

— from a private WeddingWire review
summer of 2013

Experience the power of a love story. Watch the video at the top of the right hand column.


Step #1: Get a Complete Script in Advance

Result: Be Sure Everything is Just the Way You Want It to Be!

You will receive a complete script, including your love story, at least 10 days before your ceremony.

No surprises! You’ll know everything that will be said and done before your wedding day.

  • No wondering if Rev. Phil understands what you want. It’s either in the script the way you want it — or he’ll correct it until it is.
  • Want some religion but not too much? You’ll know — in advance.
  • Are there embarrassing elements in your love story? You get to approve it — in advance (vs. forgetting that you told that event to Rev. Phil months earlier.)

He will e-mail the person in charge of music (DJ, head musician) the script the week of the wedding so they know exactly when to play. It makes the ceremony go smoothly.

“We had our script far in advance and were able to change what we saw fit and knew exactly what was expected from us. He has everything in details in the script down to who stands where and what time, which really helped organize us.”

— from a private WeddingWire review, September 2013

“It was so nice seeing our script before the wedding and knowing everything he was going to say and when. I know our other vendors really appreciated his organization!”

— Megan & Chris, Forest Hills Golf Club, Rockford, 8/24/13
from a WeddingWire review


Step #2: Get a 2½ Hour Planning Session

Result: Get Expert Guidance and Options with You Deciding!

Rev. Phil marries around 150 couples every year. He knows wedding ceremonies.

You will fill out a Wedding Ceremony Checklist — to make sure everything is covered, nothing is missed.

Rev. Phil will provide you expert guidance and offer many options — in person, for 2½ hours.

  • He listens to you and answers your questions. He really cares.
  • He’ll suggest things you never would have thought of — not just unity candle but unity sand, wine or beer!
  • He will share three ways to include your guests in the ceremony — so they’re not just sitting there, bored, waiting for the party to start.
  • Once you pick an element — say, unity sand — he’ll explain how to do it and how to make the photos of it turn out better!

He suggests, you decide!

He will also have you tell him your love story at this meeting. He’ll share the first draft of it with you right away. You’ll laugh at your own love story that you just told Rev. Phil :>)

“I know you’re stressed and the to-do list is never ending. Rev Phil will make this portion of your planning seamless. He will guide you through the details and make it easy. He is organized, insightful, and truly invested in his couples. So, stop reading this and contact him today.”

— Julie & Chad, Hammerschmidt Chapel, Elmhurst, 8/17/13
from a theKnot review

“Rev. Phil Landers was such a great person to work with. He had so many great ideas and suggestions of ways to do things that we never even thought of. He was a pleasure to work with and helped us feel at ease on our wedding day.”

— from a private WeddingWire review, summer of 2013


Step #3: Get a One-Hour Rehearsal on a Separate Day

Result: You and the Whole Wedding Party Will be Comfortable!

Most officiants will do a half-hour rehearsal. They can walk you through everything once and then go home sooner.

Rev. Phil will walk you through the processional — the trickiest part of the ceremony — twice.

  • It’s the second time through that everyone “gets it” and feels comfortable.
  • It’s more important for Rev. Phil to be thorough than to be quick.

Because he does about 150 weddings a year, he knows your venue. And he knows how to set it up to get better photos and videos on your wedding day.

“Rev. Phil provided a very thorough walk-through rehearsal. Everyone knew where they were supposed to be doing from the 3 flower girls to my brother's girlfriend who got us all down the aisle in order. He was very flexible to our needs. He has been doing this FOREVER and has expertise about stance, photography and sequence. He even built our ceremony to prevent nerves from getting the best of us, walking us through each step so we didn't forget anything.”

— Jill & Steve, Millar Chapel at Northwestern University, Evanston, 11/2/13
from a WeddingWire review

“Rev. Phil was amazing through the whole planning process. In fact, at the rehearsal one would have thought he was our wedding planner as well! All I can say is months later and people are still talking about our wedding!”

— Alison & Mike, Century Memorial Chapel, Naperville, 6/15/13
from a WeddingWire review


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Experience the Power of Another Love Story

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“We weren't sure what we'd be getting when we picked an Officiant based on web reviews, but we were extremely glad we found Rev. Phil.

How much are the guests enjoying this wedding ceremony? Photo courtesy of Krista Scarlavai Photography

The Planning:

Everything was very clear and he made the whole process easy to follow....really does a great job of guiding you through His own, very organized, meeting and planning process. He was very professional and flexible as well (my husband and I have very different work schedules so finding good times to meet was not always easy). The rehearsal was expertly led and timely.

The Ceremony:

He really made the whole process foolproof so you don't need to worry about making a mistake or saying the wrong thing at the wrong time during the ceremony. We decided to go with the Deluxe package so that our guests could learn a little more about how we met (what Rev. Phil calls "your Love Story"). His delivery of the Love Story as well as the rest of the ceremony made everyone (guests, wedding party, bride and groom) laugh, cry, and most importantly....stay awake. I've been to plenty of wedding ceremonies where guests are not engaged and are bored rather than interested. This will NOT be the case with Rev. Phil as your Officiant. Many of our guests came up to us (including wedding party members and family members) and commented on how much they liked hearing the story of how we met and thought our ceremony was one of the nicest they've been to. Several also commented specifically how much they liked our Officiant and how well he delivered the various parts of the ceremony.


Rev. Phil was a great leader throughout the whole process. He made our wedding ceremony extremely personalized and special and had our guests laughing and tearing up at the appropriate times. We did end up spending more $$ than we thought we would on an Officiant, but we really felt that Rev. Phil was a great value and worth the expense to make the ceremony truly memorable to both us AND our guests.”

— Sara & Rob, Seven Bridges Golf Club, Woodridge, 7/6/13
part of a WeddingWire review


Experience the Power
of a Love Story

Video courtesy of Milestone Videos

View more love story videos!

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Meet Rev. Phil for a Complimentary One Hour Consultation!
(a $100 Value)


“If you're looking for a personalized ceremony that will engage versus bore your guests, contact him today and cross your fingers that he is available.”

— Julie & Chad, Hammerschmidt Chapel, Elmhurst, 8/17/13
from a theKnot review


Rev. Phil will e-mail you several options of when he can meet you — evenings and weekends.


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